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Mr Badly Productions was formed on 07/20/2020 as a Limited Company and its non-profit division on 02/03/2003 under Wyoming state laws and headed by Stanley Roberts.

Stanley Roberts has made it his mission to catch people in the act of misbehaving! His viral videos offer insightful and entertaining glimpses into what happens when people are caught red-handed breaking the law or simply breaking a  moral code of decency. His award-winning segments have been on television for two decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, and most recently in Phoenix, AZ. Although based in the United States, Roberts has an online international following. With over 17 million video views just on YouTube alone, Stanley has been recruiting binge-watchers long before it was a trend! Roberts has received multiple letters of recognition from the United States Congress, the California State Senate, and many other government agencies. In 2016, Roberts was awarded the Police and Sheriffs Award of San Mateo County, an award usually reserved for Police Chiefs and Sheriffs in California.

His videos have become training materials for Traffic Schools, Municipal Transit Agencies, Metal Theft Training companies, and Law Enforcement Agencies. And for the public, his videos have become an educational and entertaining resource on what happens when you are caught misbehaving. Growing up in New Jersey provided  Roberts with plenty of opportunities to see people misbehaving in the streets of Camden. His career in television dates back to 1984 and has given him experience in almost every facet of covering television news both behind and in front of the camera, starting when he moved to Salinas Valley where he played a major role with the start-up of KCBA Fox 35 News working as a floor camera operator.

He then moved to Los Angeles in 1990 where he became a  multi-award-winning  broadcast photojournalist as a videographer for KABC, KCBS, KTTV, and for the syndicated show “LAPD -Life on the Beat.” Some of his many accomplishments include several Emmy Nominations and four  Golden  Mike  Press  Television-Radio Association Awards.  In the course of his impressive career as a photojournalist, Mr. Roberts has covered many high-profile events including the O.J.Simpson and Rodney King trials, the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, the North Hollywood shootout, the Malibu fires, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and the Scott Peterson Trial..

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